WordStream's New PPC Reporting Tool Unveiled

In a recent study, WordStream has discovered that PPC reporting and analysis is a major time sink for many businesses. Reporting can be a messy business – you may initially log into AdWords or Analytics with a specific intention, but you can quickly get lost in the maze of metrics and end up stuck in quick sand, wasting your valuable time and resources.

WordStream’s new PPC Reporting Tool was created to address businesses’ need for a fast, easy, and streamlined way of reporting on PPC progress.

This new PPC reporting tool creates intuitive visualizations of PPC results, letting users:
  • Save time on reporting and analysis.
  • Easily understand and make sense of your PPC results.
  • Communicate PPC success to your team and your clients.

While other reporting tools offer bland and confusing reports packed with secondary metrics, the PPC Reporting Tool features colorful, easy to understand reports that can be shared with managers, or with clients for agencies.
WordStream users can create their PPC Success Reports with the click of a button. Simply log into PPC Advisor and click the “Generate Report” button at the top of the screen.

The PPC Reporting Tool offers a comprehensive report divided into 3 sections:
  • The Search Performance Funnel: Shows cost, impressions, clicks, CTR, total conversions, conversion rate, and cost per acquisition in addition to percent changes from the previous month.
  • Account Health & Trends:  Offers graphical view of how impression-weighted Quality Score, click-through rate, average CPC, total cost, and CPA are trending across months.
  • Top Performers: Features a word cloud of top keyword performers and insight into highest-performing text ads.

The PPC Reporting Tool delivers valuable reports designed to provide PPC Managers will the most important metrics that influence their business, while cutting out the vast hoards of excess data that convolute reporting and cost valuable time as PPC managers struggle to sift through the mountains of metrics.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at the PPC Reporting Tool.

Search Performance Funnel: Assessing The Big Picture ROI

The Search Performance Funnel provides visual data concerning:
  • Budget Spent
  • CTR
  • Conversion Rate
  • CPA

PPC Reporting Tool

The funnel illustration offers and easy to digest look at how your PPC budget is being used to generate clicks, which narrow down to conversions, and finally become your bottom line. The PPC report also shows percent changes from previous months, so you can compare your current report with past performance.

Account Health And Trends: Tracking The Most Important Metrics

In the Account Health and Trends section of the PPC Reporting Tool, you’ll see charts and graphs illustrating your impression-weighted Quality Score, click-through rate, average CPC, total cost, cost per acquisition, and how these valuable metrics are trending between months. 

PPC Account Health

PPC Reporting Tool for Account Performance

The PPC Report focuses on these metrics to avoid information overload and to narrow down the sea of reporting data to the most important aspects that affect your business. Once you’ve gotten a clear and accurate look at your PPC performance, it’s easy to log into the 20-Minute PPC Work Week and take immediate action to boost your account.

Top Performers: Which Words Are Working For You

The Top Performers section of the PPC Reporting Tool shows businesses their top-performing keywords and text ads.
Top performing keywords are shown in a visual word cloud, making it immediately clear which of your keywords are bringing in the most impressions and clicks to your business. The report also shows conversions, CTR, CPA and cost for your top 5 performing keywords.

PPC Top Keyword Performers

Additionally, the Top Performers section shows your account’s best text ads and offers some brief analysis on how to improve keywords and ad performance.

The Best PPC Reporting Tool

WordStream’s new PPC Reporting Tool simplifies and streamlines PPC analysis for busy PPC Managers – it’s a useful tool for small and medium sized business advertisers, as well as agencies. To recap, the PPC Reporting Tool lets users:

  • Create visually stunning reports with one click: WordStream’s PPC Reporting Tool translates your massive piles of account data into a beautiful, aesthetic infographic-style report that is easy to understand and read. It’s a great step away from dull Excel charts and bland tables.
  • Receive quick and easy to understand insight regarding account performance: Your generated report highlights the most important aspects of your account, making it simple and easy to measure your PPC account performance and communicate your success with team members, managers, and stakeholders.
  • Identify what’s right and what’s wrong in an account: The report makes it easy to see where your PPC efforts are growing strong or falling short. You’ll also get actionable tips on what can be done immediately to improve your account.


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